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Welcome to the homepage of Helvi Kivinen! I'm a study and general education vtuber that wants to help teach and learn with everyone else. Take a look around and maybe check out my twitch or twitter if you think my content might be interesting for you!

things I stream:

  • Language study! Mostly Finnish and Japanese, but maybe something else, too?
  • Random study! Let's pick a topic and see what new things we can learn about it.
  • Mahjong! Japanese riichi mahjong to be specific. Check out the mahjong page if you want to play with me!
  • Math study! I really like geometry and combinatorics.
  • Programming! I'm mostly a UI developer and hobby sysadmin, but there are some cool API-based games I'd like to play and code on stream together with you!

you can link back to me by using one of the 88x31 buttons below!